Faculty Interests

Dr. Murray Anderson
Assistant Professor
Stigma; Qualitative inquiry; Action research; Hoarding and clutter concerns; Identity Work; DSM-5 / Medicalization; Discourses of addiction & mental illness; Counselling theory; Couples therapy; Life transitions; Subgenres of alternative music and the influence on resiliency; Program evaluation
Dr. Luisa Barton
Assistant Professor
Animal-Human Health, Medial Cannabis, Mental Health, Sexual Health, Topics in Higher Education Administration and Learning.
Dr. Venise Bryan
Assistant Professor
Interpersonal Relationships in healthcare; Self-efficacy; Leadership; Nursing Education; Clinical Teaching and Learning; Quantitative and mixed methodologies.
Dr. Jeff Chang
Associate Professor
School-based mental health, services to Aboriginal persons, narrative and solution-focused therapies, counsellor education and supervision, couples therapy, psychological services in family law / high-conflict divorce situations.
Donna Clare
Academic Coordinator
On-line education and course design, practice and research ethics, the politics of healthcare systems, NP role integration in primary care, primary care models, client-centred care, NP networks, advocacy and promotion of the role.
Dr. Sandra Collins
Multicultural counselling, social justice, counselling women and lesbians, distance/online education, career development, counsellor education, and program planning and evaluation.
Dr. Karen Cook
Assistant Professor
Youth and young adults; Transitions from pediatric to adult services; Public health approach to palliative care; Decision-making; Complex health conditions and family support; Indigenous ways of knowing; Circle of Security; Qualitative and mixed methodologies; Narrative medicine and therapy.
Dr. Lynn Corcoran
Assistant Professor
Violence/abuse, Women’s health, Public/community health, Online teaching/learning, Ethics/ethical practice, Nursing research, Nursing issues, Interpretive research methodologies (hermeneutics, phenomenology).
Dr. Georgia Dewart
Assistant Professor
Harm reduction, STBBIs prevention and treatment, Narrative inquiry, Systematic reviews, Health equity, Nursing education, Women’s health
Dr. William Diehl-Jones
Associate Professor
Research: diseases of prematurity; preterm infant feeding, oxidatve stress; gene expression Teaching: pathophysiology; pharmacology; physical assessment; advanced practice
Dr. Emily Doyle
Academic Coordinator
Systemic family therapy; narrative therapy; solution-focused counselling; addictions and trauma research; discourse analysis; institutional ethnography; qualitative inquiry
Dr. Margaret Edwards
Dean (Faculty of Health Disciplines) Professor
Older adult caregivers and their care recipients, Health informatics, Exemplary online educators, Program evaluation, mixed methodology
Debbie Fraser
Associate Professor
Advanced practice nursing, nurse practitioner roles, on-line learning and teaching, high-risk newborns, late-preterm infants, neonatal infections, neonatal respiratory disease, patient safety.
Dr. Shawn Fraser
Interim Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor
Health psychology, physiological and behavioural responses to stress, determinants of physical activity and other health-related behaviours, multivariate modelling, wearable technologies.
Regan Hack
Academic Coordinator
Pediatrics (Oncology), Public health, Online teaching/learning, Transforming practitioners into educators, Student engagement.
Dr. Paul Jerry
Associate Dean Student Services, Professor
Counsellor education, psychodynamic counselling, transpersonal psychology, and case-study research.
Dr. Steven Johnson
Program Director (MHS & MN:Gen), Associate Professor
Healthy eating and active living for chronic disease management; walking; pedometers; accelerometers; type 2 diabetes; gestational diabetes; obesity; health promotion; health services delivery
Dr. Gina Ko
Academic Coordinator
Socially just counselling practices, experiences of minoritized/racialized clients, single-session and brief models of therapy, post-modern approaches, mental health of clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, couples and family therapy, counsellor education, photovoice, and narrative inquiry.
Dr. Jennifer Knopp-Sihota
Associate Professor
Older adults, dementia, pain measurement, health services research, systematic reviews and quantitative methods
Dr. Kimberley Lamarche
Program Director (MN: NP & PMD: NP) Associate Professor
Job satisfaction and role transition for PHC NPs, mobile technology in clinical practice and learning, online education methods, NP-specific clinical outcomes and pharmaceutical influences for NPs.
Dr. Annette Lane
Associate Professor
Older adults, psychiatric/mental health nursing, leadership and management
Dr. Kathleen Leslie
Assistant Professor
Health policy, health law, professional regulation, scopes of practice, continuing competence, health systems reform, comparative legal analysis, nursing jurisprudence, ethics
Dr. Sherri Melrose
Associate Professor
Clinical teaching, teaching and learning in health professions, online education, professional socialization, LPN to BN transitions, psychiatric mental health nursing, co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental illness
Dr. Sharon Moore
Professor Emeritus
Qualitative Research, Supportive environments in online learning, Arts-based pedagogies
Dr. Terra Murray
Associate Dean Teaching and Learning, Assistant Professor
Physical activity and exercise adoption and maintenance, social cognitive theories, self-efficacy, perceptions of control, health behavior change
Dr. Simon Nuttgens
Associate Professor
Ethics and stength-based practices in mental healthcare; child, adolescent, and family therapy; narrative inquiry; postmodernism in counselling; multicultural counselling; evidence-based practice.
Dr. Tammy O'Rourke
Assistant Professor
Primary care, primary health care, nursing team leadership, nurse practitioner roles and practice elements.
Dr. Caroline Park
Professor Emeritus
Online Teaching Strategies, Technology Enhanced Clinical Education, Mobile Learning, Evidence based Practice.
Dr. Beth Perry
Exemplary nursing care, compassion fatigue in oncology nurses and in older adult family caregivers, excellence in online teaching, use of arts-based teaching strategies in online teaching, use of mobile technology in online teaching, use of mobile technologies by older adults
Jananee Rasiah
Academic Coordinator and Research Associate of Patient Engagement Platform (AbSPORU)
Frailty and Older Adults; Patient Engagement; Patient and Family-Centred Care; and Leadership
Dr. Gwen Rempel
Chair, Graduate Programs
Associate Professor
Parenting children with complex health issues; Family resilience; Family management; Relationship-based parenting - Circle of Security; Transition from pediatric to adult care; Qualitative research including grounded theory and interpretive description
Dawn Mercer Riselli
Academic Coordinator
Community/public health, Rural generalist practice, Epidemiology, Family health, Maternal/child nursing, Breastfeeding, Vaccination, Nursing administration, Leadership/management, Nursing Education, Quantitative and mixed methodologies.
Dr. Donna Romyn
Associate Professor

Nursing theory/philosophy, pedagogical concerns in nursing education, practice readiness, internationally educated nurses/health care workers.

Jennifer Stephens
Assistant Professor
Oncology (specifically haematological cancers in adults) and psychosocial oncology, Oncology nursing practice, History of nursing/History of oncology and of oncology nursing, Qualitative research (specifically interpretive description and phenomenology), Patient experience (identity, personality, personhood, self/being/Being, women’s experience), Nursing theory (epistemology and ontology), Environmental concerns around oncology care (specific to nursing practice), Palliative and hospice care including Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
Lorena Stewart
Academic Coordinator
Leadership and Management, Online Teaching and Learning (student/learner engagement; innovations in the digital environment)
Dr. Lorraine Thirsk
Assistant Professor
Family nursing – generalist and advanced practice, palliative care, chronic disease, nurse decision-making, cognitive bias, organizational behavior, mixed methodology, philosophy.
Dr. Jeff Vallance
Physical activity, cancer survivorship, sedentary behavior, accelerometers, chronic disease, and health promotion.
Dr. Virginia Vandall-Walker
Adjunct Associate Professor
Clinical: Family Nursing; Family-focussed Critical Care; End-Of-Life Experiences; Patient/Family Information Needs; Nursing Support for Family Members; Prostate Surgery; Clinical Teaching Educational: Online Debating; Integration of Family Content in Clinical and Theoretical Coursework; Aboriginal Online Learners Research Methodologies/Techniques: Grounded Theory; Interpretive Analysis; Content Analysis; Qualitative Description; Data Collection with Individuals, Dyads, Family Units, & Focus Groups Philolsophical: Moderate Realism; Critical Realism; Pragmatism; Symbolic Interactionism; Systems Theory
Adrienne Weare
Academic Coordinator
Mental health (acute and forensic), Maternal/child health, Midwifery, Community health, Community development, Non-profit community endeavours, the student experience in online education.
Dr. Gina Wong
Chair GCAP & Program Director, (MC, PBDC & PMCC), Professor
The Circle of Security training and evaluation; maternal mental health and wellness, issues of mothering; cross-cultural awareness; body image, disordered eating; reflective practice in counsellor education and development and qualitative methods of research.