Program Orientation

Students applying to the Master of Counselling or to the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Counselling programs are required to participate in a paced six-week program orientation before they begin any coursework. The orientation is offered entirely online and is designed to prepare students for graduate studies at a distance.

The GCAP 500 Student Orientation course provides students entering the program with additional information about our programs and courses. The course is designed to familiarize students with the tools, resources, and procedures that they will draw on throughout their graduate program, as well as the roles and expectations of both students and program staff. We recognize that distance learning and online communication are new to many students; however, by the end of GCAP 500, students should feel more confident in this virtual academic environment and be ready to begin their first program course.

By applying to the program, you are agreeing to complete the program orientation. Failure to complete the orientation may result in withdrawal of the offer of admission to the program. GCAP 500 is offered over a six-week period starting the last week of June each year. Plan for about 10 hours a week to complete this course. Students are then permitted to begin regular coursework in September. There is no credit assigned to GCAP 500. You will be assigned a pass/fail evaluation on a written assignment designed to test your mastery of the content. If you fail your exam, you will be contacted by the program director and, depending on the circumstances, your offer of admission may be withdrawn.