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Diploma Program Plan - Intention to Ladder

Students are expected to progress through the program according to the following course sequencing. After completion of 5 courses, you may apply to ladder into the Master of Counselling program.

You may apply to ladder once you have started your fifth course. Once final grades are in for the fifth course, the application may be approved and students may be permitted to continue to complete the Master of Counselling degree. If your GPA drops below 3.0 with the fifth course, you will be required to exit the program after completing the sixth course (which may then be an elective course).

Year Semester 4 Courses/Year
I Fall GCAP 631: Models of Counselling and Client Change (Online)
Winter GCAP 633: Infusing Culture into Counselling (Online)
Spring/Summer GCAP 671: Developing a Working Alliance (Online + Summer Institute)
GCAP 635: Intervening to Facilitate Client Change (Online + Summer Institute)
II Fall Apply to Ladder to MC
GCAP 691: Methods of Inquiry (Online)
Winter Ladder to MC
Continue with Masters Program Plan and Select Exit Route

Updated June 02 2015 by Student & Academic Services

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