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Professional Practice Course Information

The Post-LPN BN program has undergone some exciting changes which will make it easier for you and us to plan for professional practice courses. All practicum courses (NURS 435 Professional Practice in Community Mental Health Promotion, NURS 437 Professional Practice in Family Health Promotion, NURS 401 Professional Practice with Adults Experiencing Health Alterations, and NURS 441 Consolidated Professional Practice) will occur during three semesters per year, for example, from September – December; January – April; and May − August. You will be given as much notice as possible as to when your clinical practice will begin, bearing in mind that the dates are confirmed by our placement clinical coordinator in the facility offering the placement. These placements are subject to the availability of the site.

All students must have professor approval before they register in a professional practice course. In order to begin your professional practice course in September, January, or May you must register before the tenth day of the previous month; for example, register by August 10 for September 1 start.

The actual time spent in the clinical practice setting has not changed. Following is an example of how a clinical course, such as NURS 437 operates. The group of perhaps 8 students who take the course from September to December will complete their online course activities, assignments, and conferences throughout the 4-month period, however, 2 students may complete their practicum in September; 3 in October; and 3 in November. Other courses such as NURS 401 , in which 8 students complete the same 4-week instructor-led practicum, those 8 students will also have the opportunity to complete theory requirements of NURS 401 over the 4-month time frame. For example, NURS 401 may be offered January 1 to April 30, with the actual practicum occurring during a 4-week period over February and March. By offering the professional practice courses in this manner, you are provided with a greater opportunity to prepare for the actual practicum, complete the required assignments of the course, and engage in asynchronous discussion with your peers.

Updated May 26 2015 by Student & Academic Services

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