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Faculty of Health Disciplines
Athabasca University
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Undergraduate Programs (Bachelor or Health Administrations & Bachelor of Nursing—Post RN or LPN)

Graduate Programs (Masters, Graduate and Post-Masters)


Nursing & Health Studies

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Administrative Staff

Liz Bentley - Admissions Assistant, Graduate Programs

Sandy Cordeiro - Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs

Catherine Cummings - Administrative Assistant

Janice De Girolamo - Academic Student Advisor, Graduate Programs

Carolyn Deren - Administrative Professional Officer, Student Administrative Services

Amanda Dzieglo - Sr BN Program Clinical Assistant

Keana Fernandes - Academic Student Advisor, BN Programs

Cindy Jackson - Administrative Assistant

Tracy James - Prospective Graduate Administrator

Sherry Janzen - Clinical Placement Coordinator, Graduate Programs (Manitoba West)

Priya Jaswal - Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs

Melanie Kanellos - Clinical Placement Coordinator, Graduate Programs (Ontario East)

Eileen Kennedy - Assistant to the Dean

Jason Klasen - Academic Student Advisor, BN Programs

Cindy Koziej - Academic Student Advisor, BN Programs

Laura Manuel - Governance Administrator/Academic Student Advisor, Graduate Programs

Evelyn Mitton - Administrative Professional Officer Practicum

Jennifer Rowe - Administrative Assistant (Leave)

Myreene Tobin - Administrative Professional Officer, Academic Advising Services

Dawne Tripodi - Administrative Professional Officer, Graduate Programs Admissions

Janice Young - Practicum Administrator

Learning Environment Team

James Fedorchuk - Instructional Media Analyst, Graduate Programs

Rick Roder - Instructional Media Analyst

Shabnum Sangha - Learning Environment Team Support

Yevgen Yasynskyy - Instructional Media Analyst

Ihor Yasynskyi - Learning Environment Team Support

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Dr. Pamela Hawranik - Interim Dean, Professor

Dr. Paul Jerry - Associate Dean Student Services, Professor

Dr. Terra Murray - Associate Dean Teaching and Learning, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jennifer Stephens - Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Kimberley Lamarche - Chair CNHS & Program Director (MN:NP & PMD:NP), Associate Professor

Dr. Gina Wong - Chair GCAP & Program Director, (MC, PBDC & PMCC), Professor

Dr. Steven Johnson - Program Director (MHS & MN:Gen), Associate Professor

Dr. Lynn Corcoran - BN Clinical Coordinator

Adrienne Weare - BN Curriculum Coordinator

Dr. Murray Anderson - Assistant Professor

Dr. Luisa Barton - Assistant Professor

Dr. Venise Bryan - Assistant Professor

Dr. Jeff Chang - Associate Professor

Donna Clare - Academic Coordinator

Dr. Sandra Collins - Professor (R&S leave)

Dr. Karen Cook - Associate Professor

Dr. Georgia Dewart - Assistant Professor

Dr. William Diehl-Jones - Associate Professor

Ashton Dougan - Academic Coordinator

Dr. Emily Doyle - Academic Coordinator

Dr. Margaret Edwards - Professor (Leave)

Debbie Fraser - Associate Professor (R&S leave)

Dr. Shawn Fraser - Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Professor

Regan Hack - Academic Coordinator

Jessica Kaiser - Academic Coordinator

Dr. Jennifer Knopp-Sihota - Associate Professor

Dr. Annette Lane - Associate Professor

Dr. Kathleen Leslie - Assistant Professor

Jacqueline Mann - Academic Coordinator

Dr. Gina Martin - Assistant Professor

Dawn Mercer Riselli, Academic Coordinator (R&S Leave)

Dr. Sherri Melrose - Associate Professor

Dr. Sharon Moore - Professor Emeritus

Dr. Simon Nuttgens - Associate Professor

Dr. Tammy O'Rourke - Assistant Professor

Dr. Caroline Park - Professor Emeritus

Dr. Beth Perry - Professor

Kristin Petrovic - Academic Coordinator

Lynne Rabak - Academic Coordinator

Jananee Rasiah - Academic Coordinator and Research Associate of Patient Engagement Platform (AbSPORU)

Margaret Rauliuk - Academic Coordinator

Dr. Gwen Rempel - Associate Professor (R&S leave until July 1, 2021)

Dr. Donna Romyn - Associate Professor (retired)

Rose Schroeder - Academic Coordinator

Lorena Stewart - Academic Coordinator

Dr. Lorraine Thirsk - Assistant Professor

Dr. Jeff Vallance - Tier II Canada Research Chair in Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management, Professor

Dr. Virginia Vandall-Walker - Adjunct Associate Professor

Barbara Wilson- Keates - Academic Coordinator

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