Apply for Approval as a Practicum Organization

This sounds like a great opportunity. How do we list our organization as a practicum site?

If you meet the criteria outlined and you would like your Organization to be considered as a practicum placement for GCAP students (or for a specific GCAP student), please complete the following steps. Applying for approval in no way obligates you to take on a practicum student.

Practicum information is managed through Typhon. Typhon has been selected by Athabasca University to assist in managing and tracking student, practicum sites (Organizations), and practicum Preceptor (Supervisor) information.

An organization representative should then complete the Practicum Organization Application Form.

Once approved, the Organization will be added to a list of potential practicum sites for our students. This is a one-time approval process.  If organization information changes at a later date, ie: contact person, email address, mailing address, etc., or the Organization ceases hosting practicum students due to organizational restructuring, please contact and we will update our records.

We are deeply indebted to all of our practicum sites for the important role they play in the applied practice training of our students and for their contribution to the counselling profession. Without you, this initiative would not be a success. On behalf of the staff and students, we thank you.