Additional Art Therapy Fees

Students in the Art Therapy Specialization will pay fees to both Athabasca University and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (VATI). The costs include additional supervision required to meet certification requirements with the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

The following is a summary of the additional fees payable to VATI. Students will begin fee payment to VATI in their second year of the masters program and will make these payments directly to VATI.

Program Year Fee Due Date
Program Year II    
VATI Program Fees (Installment 1) $2,000 January 15
VATI Program Fees (Installment 2) $2,000 May 15
VATI Program Fees (Installment 3) $2,500 September 15
Program Year III    
VATI Program Fees (Installment 4) $2,500 January 15
VATI Program Fees (Installment 5) $2,000 May 15

Note: These costs do not include texts and other course materials and are subject to change without notification.