Master of Health Studies

Welcome to the Master of Health Studies program, a 33-credit degree that is open to all health professionals with an undergraduate degree in a health field. This program will provide you with competencies to discern emerging trends and to anticipate future directions in health care; to provide leadership in health service planning implementation and evaluation; to manage change; to critique and develop health and social policy; and to develop successful research and project proposals.

Note: Although the Master of Health Studies is open to nurses, it is strongly recommended that nurses take the Master of Nursing degree. Nurses should consult with current or potential employers to ensure they are choosing the most appropriate degree for their professional goals. Once a degree has been conferred, the credential granted cannot be changed.

Non-Program Students

Note – Non-program students are students who are not applying for admission to a program (MN or MHS) at the present time but who want to take up to 2 courses in the program under non-program student status. For more information regarding non-program students see