Master of Health Studies
Thesis-Based Route Requirements

Regulations effective September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

Program Requirements

The MHS program is composed of a total of 33 credits (8 courses) in the thesis-based route: one of the thesis courses is 12 credits. Visit the MHS Program Regulations page for additional program information.

MHS Routes

Students may choose from a course-based or thesis-based route (below).

Thesis-based route: Students complete two core courses, two curriculum courses, one elective, and three thesis-related courses. Students may elect to complete one of two focus areas: Teaching Focus or Leadership Focus.

MHS Courses

Core Courses

The following core courses apply to the thesis-based route:

MHST 601 Critical Foundations in Health Disciplines (3)
MHST/NURS 603** Facilitating Inquiry (3)

* MHST 601 is a pre-requisite to all courses in the MHS program, except MHST/NURS 603, to which it is a co-requisite. MHST 601 must be taken as the student's first course.

** MHST/NURS 603 is a co-requisite for all courses in the MHS program. It must be taken as the student's second course. It may be taken at the same time as 601, or at the same time as any other course in the program.

Curriculum Courses

Students enrolled in the thesis-based route must complete two of the following FHD graduate courses:

MHST/NURS 602 Transforming Health Care through Informatics (3)
MHST/NURS 604 Leadership Roles in Health (3)
MHST/NURS 605 Demystifying Policy Analysis and Development (3)
MHST/NURS 606 Health Systems and Services Evaluation (3)
MHST/NURS 607 Developing Successful Project and Program Proposals (3)
MHST/NURS 610 Evidence-Based Practice in Health Care (3)
MHST/NURS 618 Community Development for Health Care Leaders (3)
MHST/NURS 620 Culture and Health: Critical Perspectives (3)
MHST/NURS 621 Coaching and Leading: The Human Side of Organizational Change (3)
MHST/NURS 622 Understanding Organizations: Theory, Analysis and Application (3)
MHST/NURS 623 Clinical Teaching and Learning (3)
MHST/NURS 624 Teaching in Health Disciplines (3)
MHST/NURS 625 Personalizing Learning through Collaborating and Mentoring in Health Care Environments  (3)
MHST/NURS 631 Health Promotion I: Planning  (3)
MHST/NURS 695 - 696Independent Study (3)

Elective and Thesis Courses

Elective Courses: In addition to the core and curriculum courses, one elective is required in thesis-based route. This elective may be completed prior to or concurrently with MHST/NURS 611. This elective course may include: FHD graduate courses, as listed in the above table of curriculum courses; other Athabasca University graduate level courses; or pre-approved graduate courses from other universities (refer to Letter of Permission to Complete a Course at Another University).

Thesis Courses: In addition to the core, curriculum, and elective courses, three thesis courses are required in the thesis-based route. Students enrolled in the thesis-based route must complete one advanced research methods course (either MHST/NURS 712 or 713) and two courses during which the thesis will be completed (MHST/NURS 719 and MHST/NURS 720).


Advanced Qualitative Research

MHST/NURS 713 Advanced Quantitative Methods for Health Research (3)
MHST/NURS 719 Thesis I: Proposal Development (3)
MHST/NURS 720 Thesis II: Conducting, Writing, and Dissemination of Research (12)

MHS Focus Areas – Thesis-Based Route

A focus area is a subject concentration within your degree program. Students in the thesis-based route may elect to complete a focus area in Teaching or Leadership. Students must declare their selection with the Faculty of Health Disciplines Programs Office, or on their program application.

Teaching Focus

The teaching focus includes two core courses (MHST 601 and MHST/NURS 603), three thesis courses and three teaching focus courses (MHST/NURS 623, MHST/NURS 624, and MHST/NURS 625).

2 core courses
3 teaching focus courses
3 thesis courses
Total: 8 courses (33 credits)

Leadership Focus

The leadership focus includes two core courses (MHST 601 and MHST/NURS 603), three thesis courses and three leadership focus courses (MHST/NURS 604, MHST/NURS 621, MHST/NURS 622).

2 core course
3 leadership focus courses
3 thesis courses
Total: 8 courses (33 credits)


Information effective Sept. 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2020.