Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing

This unique program is designed specifically for registered nurses who are seeking opportunities to acquire a broad liberal university education and enhance their professional skills.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the Post-RN BN program, you must be:

  1. a graduate from an approved nursing diploma program; and
  2. a regulated (practicing) Registered Nurse (RN) and have registration/licensure with a Canadian province or territory. You must provide proof of registration when you submit your Undergraduate General Application Form. You must also maintain licensure while you complete your program.

Transfer Credit

Athabasca University does not operate on a semester basis, therefore, you can apply to this program at any time. All of the required courses are theoretical and are completed by distance education, starting the beginning of each month throughout the entire year. Once you are accepted into the program, you must register in at least 1 course every 12 months in order to remain active in your program. It is recommended that you complete all program requirements within 5 years.

An official evaluation of your post secondary education would have to be completed to determine the amount of credit that would transfer. Evaluations are only completed for individuals that apply to the program and have all appropriate documentation sent for review.

To apply to the program, complete the Undergraduate General Application Form and submit it along with the application fee, evaluation fee, and proof of your practicing Canadian or territory nursing registration. Arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to Athabasca University's Office of the Registrar from all post secondary institutions attended. Once this information is received, your evaluation will begin, and the results sent to you within 1 to 3 months.

While You Wait

You may register in a course while the evaluation is being conducted. Select a course that is required for the program, and read the course outline. It is your responsibility to ensure the course you selected does not have similar content to a course that you completed previously, and that any pre/corequisites have been met.

Course Delivery

All the non-nursing, required, support and option theory courses are completed by distance education through a combination of print and online resources, or print only.

Course Start Dates

You may begin your undergraduate course the first of any month provided you are registered by the 10th day of the preceding month. For example, to begin your course December 1, 2011, you must be registered by November 10, 2011.

Time to Complete Your Program

It is recommended that you complete your program within 5 years from the date of your acceptance. Many students complete their program in 3 years or less depending on the time they have to devote to their studies, and the amount of transfer credit they bring to the program.