Learning Outcomes

After you successfully complete the Post-RN BN program, you will achieve or exceed the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Engage in baccalaureate registered nursing practice compliant with the Canadian Nursing College and/or Association of Registered Nurses with which they hold active licensure, while demonstrating registered nursing practice consistent with the present:
    • CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses
    • Applicable Health Professions Act (HPA)
    • Applicable common law, provincial and federal legislation that directs practice
  2. Integrate concepts of population health, primary health care and health promotion while working with individuals, families and communities with complex alterations in health.
  3. Synthesize theory, evidence-based practice and research while working with individuals, families and communities with complex alterations in health.
  4. Model leadership behaviors such as reflection, advocacy and integrity to influence self and others toward goal achievement.
  5. Function effectively as a baccalaureate registered nurse utilizing critical inquiry processes to act in situations of uncertainty and ambiguity.
  6. Work collaboratively with other disciplines and across health care sectors.
  7. Incorporate personal integrity, responsibility and accountability in employment, community activities and further study.
  8. Demonstrate commitment to scholarship and lifelong learning that includes self-reflection, self-direction and technological innovation.


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