As an Athabasca University student in a health-related discipline, you are expected to become familiar with many databases and search engines that provide one-stop access to a wide range of academic subjects.

The AU Library website is the main portal to information about AU Library resources and services. From the Library's website you can access the AU Library catalogue, learn more about AU Library services, access and search journal databases, the Digital Reading Room, the Digitization Portal, AUSpace, E-books and E-Journals, the Library's Help Centre, and much more. The Library website also provides information about access to library catalogues from other libraries and reciprocal loan agreements.

Proquest Database

If you are having difficulty connecting to course readings via the Proquest Database this term, please consult the following instructions:

  1. You will be prompted for your Name and ID
  2. After typing your Name and ID you will proceed to the Proquest Search Screen.
  3. Close the Proquest Search Screen.
  4. You should now have access to the Proquest articles in your course by clicking the appropriate link and authenticating with your Athabasca University Library information.

Written Assignments and APA Format

Written assignments must be developed and submitted using the most current version of the APA style guide. Use only the APA Publication manual as your reference for formatting, and read the first two chapters in the APA manual related to the expression of ideas and structural elements such as sentence structure, spelling, grammar and plagiarism. You can access the APA website at

AU takes the issue of plagiarism seriously, and you must correctly cite the work of others in your assignments. Regardless of intent, students who are found to have plagiarized the work of others are subject to penalties, from failure of the assignment to removal from the program. Read the appropriate sections in your APA manual and also AU’s Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal Regulations.