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Adjusting to life with COVID-19 is challenging. It’s also uplifting and heartwarming, as people and communities across Canada and around the world express their profound gratitude for health care professionals.

In Athabasca University’s Faculty of Health Disciplines, we’ve always known that our students, alumni and faculty are passionate about using their knowledge and skills to provide exemplary care. That you do so while striving to learn more is nothing short of inspiring.

These past few months have only deepened our appreciation for and pride in what you do.

We’ve heard about long hours of patient care, tragic moments of sadness, joyful celebrations of recovery and nimble leadership. In short, we’ve heard how FHD’s very best are doing their very best.

Remarkably, despite extraordinary work pressures, the vast majority of students — busy professionals with job and family responsibilities — have pushed forward with their studies, determined to grow their ability to make an even greater contribution.

COVID-19 will be with us for many months, and the situation remains fluid. Going forward, FHD will continue to adjust programs, courses and services to enable students to continue their studies most efficiently. This means:

  • undergraduate and graduate courses are open
  • practicums, clinicals and other in-person course components have been adjusted to reflect new travel and on-site realities

Detailed information about specific changes to courses and programs is provided via email, and information (including links to professional resources) is also available on the FHD website.

For current students, your program director is your key contact with respect to COVID-19, and you are invited to contact them if you have questions or concerns.

Finally, I invite students, alumni and faculty to tell us about your experience of providing care during this pandemic. We hope to be able to share your stories within the Faculty and beyond, casting a spotlight on the remarkable work you’re doing.

Dr. Margaret Edwards

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